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George & Kathy (Geiser) Cail - 1976

posted Feb 1, 2015, 10:04 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Mar 23, 2015, 10:13 PM by Sites Admin ]
We've experienced in fresh, new ways the truth of that beautiful Name, EMMANUEL - "God WITH us."

"God with us" in joyful times of family reunion . . .

The week after Christmas, our two young families from New England (Andrew and Karissa and Ruth Jordan, Ben and Melissa and Danny Cail) came down south and we had a George Cail family reunion - hopefully the beginning of an annual tradition! It began with the dedication of the youngest Cail, David James, at Jeremie and Crista's church in Stanley, NC, where we all gathered to worship and celebrate with them on December 28th. Over the next couple of days there were games, meals, playing with babies, laughter, deep conversations (and some not so deep), and then for three nights and two days we all took off to Myrtle Beach - the 20 of us sharing 3 condo apartments. What fun! Walking on the beach, holding babies, the happy chaos of shared meals, sharing and praying together, catching up and going deeper in our relationships. What a joy to spend quality time together for the first time since the weddings of the previous year and a half! Besides our five children and their spouses, there were four babies a year old and under, plus four older grandchildren. What great fun for Grandma and Grandpa! (See attached photos.) Praise the Lord with us for His rich blessing of adult kids who love Him and desire to raise their children in His ways. Pray for their protection from the evil one and ongoing growth in righteousness.

"God with us" in times of unexpected challenge . . .

The very next week (January 6th), Kathy's father took ill and we drove him to the ER. He ended up being admitted to the hospital with aspiration pneumonia. Difficulty swallowing led to the pneumonia and his ability to swallow degenerated even more in the hospital, to the point that the doctor feared he would not recover because he couldn't get proper nutrition. So the decision was made to insert a G-tube to be able to feed him proper nutrition, and with that, after 11 days in the hospital, he came home on January 17th. He's still in bed most of the time, but is slowly recovering. We do the feedings four times a day, and at this point, one of us needs to be at home all the time in case he needs us, but we're trusting that as he gets the nutrition he needs, much of his strength will return and he may be able to regain more of his independence. Right now this is a whole new phase of life for us as we talk with a parade of home health people and seek to learn all we can about procedures, policies, and finances. It's a different world! But the medical staff and home care people have been superb. Give thanks with us for God's watch care over Dad Gieser during this difficult time and pray for special grace for him at this stage of his life. We need prayer too, especially for wisdom in how to be faithful to our TEN3 and SIM responsibilities while giving Dad the care he needs. We have already made adjustments and realize there will be more.

"God with us" -- Claim the promise with us for many of His children who suffer here and abroad . . .

* Families and individuals grieving the death of close loved ones. Grief is such a long, long journey.
* People we know who are struggling with deep issues of marriage, depression, relationships, high stress of various kinds.
* Christians in countries like Niger, S. Sudan, and Nigeria, where it can cost one's life to stand true to Christ.

Thank you to all of you who care and pray and stand with us. We love you and treasure you as family and friends. May 2015 be a year in which each of us draws closer to the Lord and reflects Him to others around us!

From our heart, with love,
George and Kathy
Sites Admin,
Feb 1, 2015, 10:04 PM
Sites Admin,
Feb 1, 2015, 10:04 PM