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George & Kathy (Geiser) Cail - 1976

posted Mar 8, 2015, 11:55 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Mar 23, 2015, 10:11 PM by Sites Admin ]
Increased prison time for George

Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 11:20 AM


For several years George has been actively involved in a weekly outreach our home church has at a prison in South Carolina. But what has happened recently is new and very exciting. Here is George's account of his very special “prison time” last week.

“I saw John* again, and we had a good conversation. Later, he explained to a group of us about his Wiccan beliefs. We also had some time with Daoud*, whom I'm getting to know, and he explained quite eloquently what Islam is all about. John and Daoud and I were taking part in a day-long outreach program our church here conducts every year as part of the missions conference. This one session brings together inmates of different religious beliefs (also including Rastafarians) for an exchange of ideas with missionary men – not an evangelistic session, but one designed to help build relationships. I've seen John in this context for several years now and am looking for a way to deepen that relationship so that he knows I care about him as a person. Our session yesterday went better than it has in the past. There were no heated exchanges, and I think a few bridges of understanding were built. Pray that as I follow up and try to build relationships with some of these men, they will see Jesus in me and be attracted to Him.

“After a recent Christmas party our church gave for the Muslim inmates at which I shared about our previous work with Muslims in Africa, Daoud gave me an open invitation to meet from time to time with the Islamic community there to discuss different issues. I see this as another opportunity to build relationships with inmates I don't normally see in our regularly scheduled prison ministry. Praise the Lord for this new opportunity, which we're hoping will be twice a month.”

*Not their real names.


It's hard to believe more than six weeks have passed since Dad (Richard Gieser) came home from the hospital and we entered this new phase of life with him. Advanced Home Care people helped us a lot during the first three weeks, especially with physical therapy exercises and speech therapy to try to improve his swallowing capability. He does well getting around with a walker, but his swallowing did not improve at all. So he is resigned to having the stomach tube for the rest of his life, and we are well-adjusted now to giving him his “meals” four times a day. We have now engaged Hospice, and they have been a wonderful help. Dad's world is shrinking as his hearing and vision deteriorate, and he's often confused, but he is still lucid much of the time. Recently all three of his daughters were here, plus their spouses, several grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, and he was able to enjoy visits with them in “small doses.” (See attached photos.)

There are challenges, but also unexpected blessings, to this time. We are making memories and taking one day at a time, trusting our faithful God who is “the STABILITY of our times” (Isa. 33:6). Please pray for God's perfect will and way to be worked out in Dad's life and situation; and for strength and compassion for us as we care for him.

Other Praise and Prayer Items:

1)  Praise for opportunities for TEN3 curriculum to be used by local ECWA (SIM-related denomination) church districts in Nigeria.

2)  Praise for the lessening of Ebola cases in Liberia. But keep praying, especially as the virus still rages in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

3)  Pray for wisdom and faithfulness for George in keeping up with TEN3 responsibilities and for Kathy in staying as involved as possible on the SIM Member Care team, though we've both had to cut back on work hours somewhat in order to alternate days caring for Dad.

4)  Pray for God's leading of the right people to assume the leadership of SIMReconnect, the spiritual retreat we've been facilitating for 11 years for SIM missionaries on Home Assignment.

We thank the Lord for each of YOU who care enough to read these updates, who lift us up to the Father in prayer, and (many of you) who also give financially to our support. We love and appreciate you! Please let us know how we can pray for you too.

Much love,

George & Kathy