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Jon Cadd - Class of 1970

posted Oct 8, 2012, 12:27 AM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Oct 8, 2012, 12:27 AM by Sites Admin ]
Hi All,

It is always fun to hear the news of great friends from the past and know what is going on in peoples' lives. Of course there are always ones that don't communicate. I am not amazed to find myself among them.  Time to change that I guess.  

My lovely wife Cher and I are still in Congo flying for MAF.  We just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in August which means we were married at a very early age or are getting pretty old!  Maybe some of you can figure out the answer to that.  We have been flying here for the last 7 years and really enjoying it although it is not always the easiest way of life. My sister LuAnne lived here with us for a while after caring for our sister Yvonne  as she died of cancer.  Lu now works down at Virunga National Park and I often fly over and wave and sometimes stop in for a visit. 

Our son Josh and his family live in Kenya and we often get to spend time with them...and our two grandkids there. Our other son Caleb lives with his family in Oregon and we also have two very cool grandkids there.  Our family is a great joy to us and we look for every opportunity to see them, which is not easy when we are out in the center of Africa.  But God is good and has blessed us with a great life.  

We worked with Pacific Missionary Aviation for some years in Micronesia.  I am sure many of you remember the Kalaus from Faith who head up that mission.  We have been with MAF in Africa for the last almost 30 years now.  The first 22 years in Zimbabwe where our family grew up.  Don Bittenbender, another Faith alumnus, also flew there with us for a while.   We have had the privilege of being closely acquainted with the wildlife of Africa with elephants coming to eat in our garden at night or herds of buffalo on the runway.  The boys enjoyed collecting snakes and watching birds and I got my professional hunter/guide license in Zimbabwe.  Mike McGregor came out to visit a couple of times which was a kick!

We flew all through the war in beautiful Mozambique.  Cher still flight follows me on the HF radio, which is a great joy hearing her lovely voice and making my day.

There is so much I could say but...I write a blog and you can catch up more if you are interested:

I would love to hear more from you all.  Especially classmates.  Don't you find it strange that we could be so close and yet stop all communication on leaving school.  Maybe that is fallout of being an M.K. but we should get over that and talk.  We have some great history from Faith.  

Blessings on you my friends,

Jon Cadd
Chief Pilot/Security Officer