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Miriam (Mimi) Barker - Class of 1978

posted Jun 21, 2015, 10:53 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Jun 21, 2015, 10:54 PM ]
May 27, 2015
Dear Prayer Warriors,

I'm in day 3 of a workshop in a neighboring country. Despite various hurdles and complications in the days leading up to the training, now that things are underway, it is going great. There are a number of different organizations who have come together to make this training happen, and it is exciting to be part of the body functioning as a body in this way.

Due to a construction project, we had to relocate the workshop to a different venue, where security is a bigger issue. So far, everything is going smoothly, but we are constantly aware that we could attract unwanted attention to ourselves and our host. Please pray for protection and wisdom as we travel back and forth each day.

We have participants from six different ethnic groups who have traveled to the city from their home provinces in order to attend. They are eagerly soaking up the material being presented and hungry for more. The topic being discussed is worship and the use of their traditional art forms for worship in appropriate ways. This leads directly into the storying training that we will do later in the year.

Please pray for the staff and the participants as we continue with this training through Friday. We have three staff people who are presenting the material, three translators who are each contributing their own talent and background in addition to doing the interpreting, and a couple of us helping with coordinating things in the background. The days of training are full and intense, so we need prayer for good health, rest and energy.

Three of the participant groups each sent two people, and two other groups each sent a full team of six. The last group only has one person who is able to attend this time. Much of the training involves the teams discussing the ideas together in their mother tongue. Hard to do when you are the only one! We will follow the same format in another training session in a few months, and would love to have many of these same people return for that, but with additional people on their team (up to six per team). Please pray for the participants as they consider being involved over the next couple of years, and who else might be able to join their team.

Most of the participants traveled from distant provinces to come, so pray for good health, rest and strength for them, and also safe travel back home at the end of the week. Some of them will be taking radical new ideas back to leaders who may not have thought in these ways about worship before. Pray for wisdom and sensitivity as they share what they have learned in culturally appropriate ways, and that they would be guided from above in the process.

On Friday, we also plan to meet with our local partner organization and work on building a stronger relationship so that we can continue to work together well in the future. Please be in prayer for this meeting as well. This is the first major training that we have done in a formal partnership with this group, and we want to have a lasting and healthy relationship with them as well as among ourselves. 

Thank you so much!
Mimi Barker