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Steve ('72) & Mayen Cadd

posted May 14, 2015, 8:25 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated May 14, 2015, 8:26 PM ]
Nepal Update

I want to thank all of those who have send in funds for Nepal. We are about ready to send those funds over to Nepal but I wanted to give one last chance for any who might still want to join in. If you have sent a check to SWORD or plan to in the next day or two, please drop me an email so we’ll know to wait for those funds. Also, if you’ve used the SWORD website to send funds, please send me an email note so we’ll know how to direct those funds as well. We want to make sure that every penny gets to those in need.

I still haven’t heard from my pastor friend, Bal Krishna. He’s from a village near Chilime which is in Rasuwa district, for those who like to use Google Maps. I actually found his village on Google maps and could see the little church on the hill up behind his house. (see picture below)

My sister, LuAnne, just arrived in Nepal last week. She works for Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) UK. They are organizing helicopter flights into remote areas. I’ve asked her if she could ask around about the area where my friend is from to see if anyone has any word from there. Here’s an excerpt from an email she sent me this morning:

"When I was flying yesterday, what stuck me was that there were a lot of homes intact, but if I counted the ones that were damaged or rubble and you did a percentage, it would be quite high. It's like you can go, "there...(a few seconds pause)...there, there, there.... (pause), there...." etc. The helicopter flight through the mountains was pretty scary for me. Most frightening flight I think I've ever been on. Helicopters are scary as it is, but helicopters flying over ridges and through mountain canyons and into white-outs in mountain canyons, even for 10 seconds is enough to give me a heart-attack. They always look like they're flying straight into the top edge of a ridge, and I'm screaming in my head, "UP, UP, UP!!!", and then they fly over it, barely, JUST above the treetops. Yikes. They are excellent experienced pilots. Still scared me. Saturday, I went with an NGO called United Mission Nepal (UMN) on a flight where I got out to one of the remote areas that had been cut off from walking because of a walking bridge that was taken out in the earthquake. The damage there wasn't severe, but in even more remote areas it was. The numbers I was given of dead were things like 18 in one village, 24 in another, 14 in another, and you have to remember that these are villages that might only have 100-some people, so the percentage of dead is huge. For many who lost their homes, they are living in the forest, or in cow sheds which is OK for the moment, but the monsoon rains are coming next month, and with all the landslides that happened, it will make everything quite a bit more serious, and people need food as well. The organization I went with are Christian, and have been working in Nepal for years in this area of many Christians, flew in some people to assess the needs, but also then flew in three flights each to two places with rice and tarps. The Christian Nepalese man who works with UMN is from a village that was across the canyon on a steep hill. A landslide took out the village, and although only 4 people died, the village is gone. He started to cry when he told me about it. He wasn't there but his parents and of course everyone he knew and loved have lost everything. He said they can’t possibly rebuild.”

Let’s help these people get back on their feet!


Steve Cadd