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David (class of '83) & Kerry Fuller

posted Feb 1, 2015, 10:59 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Mar 23, 2015, 10:05 PM by Sites Admin ]

The Next Generation begins . . .

Fuller Footprints 2014                                                                  January 2015

December 5, 2014
7 lbs, 7 ounces
House of New Roles
     Our last prayer letter went out on November 22nd, the official due date of our first grandchild, but not her birthday.  Instead she was born almost exactly two weeks later.   God was very gracious to Rachel with a speedy and safe delivery and a quick return home.  Our house is now full of new parents, new aunt and uncles and of course a new grandma and grandpa.  Pray for all of us as we adjust to our new roles.  Praise God with us as we rejoice in this precious little girl.
     It is very common to be asked “How do you feel now that you are a grandfather?”  I think the typical response would be “OLD”, which is sometimes truly how I feel.  However, it really doesn’t feel different at all.  There is still the electric shiver when someone calls me grandpa, but there is also the joy of a beautiful new person.  As I look at her, I think of the vast potential that is her life.  Maybe that is a grandparent thing.  As a father, you know that your own children have it, but as a grandparent you understand because you have seen babies become adults, making choices that shape them until they are the full grown people we know today.  Someday, Inara will greet us as an adult woman shaped by her choices.  There is excitement in the wonder of who she will become, and the spark of hope in the vast potential that God has planted in the form of our baby granddaughter.  Pray that Inara will grow to make wise choices, and especially the choice to include God in her life.
Seasons Roll On
     I think that Christmas this year was a busy time for us with amazing moments of wonder and joy.  Some came from time spent with family, or worshipping with friends.  Some came at the reminder of God’s incredible sacrifice in the form of the birth of His Son, Jesus.  Some came with the presence of another generation in our family in the form of baby Inara.  Another year passing, and it is good to see that we are not the same as when we began the year.  I am not one to make a lot of resolutions over New Year’s simply because they tend to get broken way too easily.  But each year, the prayer for my family is that they will not be the same at the end of the year as they are at the start.  Specifically, my prayer is that each would somehow be closer to the person God designed them to become, recognizing in themselves some more of the vast potential which we all have at the beginning of our lives.
     Kerry is very involved in leadership at the CBS (Community Bible Study) Group that meets every week at our home church, Bayview Glen.  She also continues to work part time to supplement the shortfall in our support.  Though she would prefer to be home, she enjoys the interaction with others at Once Upon a Child, a children’s store for the resale of gently used toys and clothes.  The two high-schoolers have just begun their final exams for this semester.  Pray that David Zac and Rianna will finish well.  On February 3rd, they will begin their second semester courses and are looking forward to the change.  Caleb continues to do well and enjoy grade 4.  The school will soon be having try-outs for the Junior (grades 4-6) boys basketball team, and Caleb is already participating in recess practices.  Cameron has also begun a new semester at Tyndale College and University.  He is enjoying the new Math program that was implemented this year.  Pray for God’s leading in his life as he considers how God wants to use the skills and abilities He is shaping at university.  Please pray for each of our children as they consider God’s role in their lives.  Pray for an open heart and an open mind.
Seeing God through Eyes of Faith
     My ministry with TeachBeyond picked up pace as we moved into the school year and again in January.  There are many teachers in Canada who weren’t able to get the jobs they had hoped to have, and so they begin to look at opportunities overseas.  However, for many the idea of depending on financial donations is too challenging.  For others, the ideas of moving so far away, living in a different culture, starting all over again, closing down their lives here, or learning new curriculum and expectations can be overwhelming. 
     In a recent conversation with a young lady who is looking to move to Thailand and teach, she commented that it didn’t feel like being a missionary because she would just be doing the same things she is doing now.  I responded, “exactly”, as we launched into a discussion of her future role as a missionary and a teacher. We spoke about how every Christian is called to make disciples, and every teacher is called to teach, but not every Christian teacher is called to go.  She is willing, and has the opportunity to be the teacher God called her to be in a place He chose for her on the other side of the world.  This will challenge her faith, but it will also reveal the person of God to her in a different and exciting way.
     I am half way through my commitment to work with TeachBeyond in this role of mobilizing teachers to go.  As we move into the second year, God has begun to challenge me to consider the role he has for me in the future.  I feel very blessed by the experiences that I have had in missions and as a teacher, and blessed to have three university degrees (B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.), but I wonder exactly how God wants me to use these tools that he has given me.  We are not looking for change, but rather for clarification of God's direction.  Here is a rough idea of some possibilities we face:
  1. Continue in Missions Mobilization with the challenge of raising sufficient support.
  2. Seek another role in Missions and Education.
  3. Seek employment in education either Christian or secular, though employment opportunities are still scarce.
Just like the teachers I work with, we are being challenged to see God through eyes of faith.  Pray that God would open our eyes to see the path he wants us to follow and that we would be sensitive to His leading, in whatever form it takes.
     At this point, we feel that God is calling us to remain in Canada and to focus on our family.    As we consider the possibility of continuing in this current role, or in another mission role, we face the challenge of raising enough financial support.  We continue to rejoice, humbled by how God met all of our financial needs at the end of the fiscal year, September 2014.  However, currently there are not enough donations to allow us to meet our monthly financial obligations.  Please pray about the additional financial support that we need.  We know that there are many praying for us regularly, and we thank you for that ministry.