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Felipe, Philip Hamilton, '89

posted Sep 8, 2011, 7:17 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Oct 25, 2011, 11:19 PM by Sites Admin ]
I am in the same location since my last update, Hegins, PA.  Most everything is still the same.  I am working on getting funding to enlarge the Clock Shop I just started this year.  I am still on disability but was going crazy watching time go by.  I can not work in a normal job and opening my own shop is the best way I have found.  Having a business right out of my home, I can set my own schedule.
I was in the the rehab hospital after my coma with the best clock maker in the US.  He had had a stroke.  Our families get along well and have enjoyed spending time together.  Last year I got in touch with him to ask him what he thought about me running a shop from my house.  He said that in this area, work might be slow but that was OK with me.  January 2011, I opened shop.  God has been very good, as always.  I went to the only furniture store in the area to get carpet for my shop and told them about my business.
I did not know at the time, I was talking to the owner, but he handed me a clock to fix right then.  His shop is famous in the area and well trusted, so that helped me to get off the ground.  Right now I’m writing a business proposal to get more funding to buy equipment. 
I have been on disability for 18 years but if this takes off, I will try to go it alone.  What you pay into Social Security is an insurance policy, I have learned.  Social Security is not a crutch but a right for having paid into Federal Social Security, yet the stigma is still there and thus I want to go it alone.  God has been good and faithful despite me being undeserving of his goodness.  Thanks to Jesus our Savior this is also our right only through Christ.  Again if anyone is in my area please at least call if not to stop in even with no notice.  Like they say, “MI CASA SU CASA”, and that is very true in my case.
God Bless,
Felipe, Philip, Hamilton
547 E. Main St
Hegins, PA 17938
Cell 717-475-1091 directly to me, best.