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L.D. Robertson, '80

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I'm starting a new business after failing at several, and I have a great heart for ministry while I'm waiting for my next assignment from God.  I've even considered getting a double major in divinity and social work for my masters (on infinite hold?).  But my passion is Jewish studies, and maybe a master of media arts from a seminary on the side.  I never was an evangelist like my dad, which is why I finally resigned from his mission after his death when my wife was freaked out at the poverty in China and there was no longer a home-missionary position for me in the US, even though I was invited to create one (but I'm not THAT creative, after all, if my passion isn't in it)——but that doesn't stop me from knowing how to share the gospel and memorizing Scripture in Spanish and Esperanto to do as much "damage" for the advancement of the Kingdom of God as I can.  My little brother started a business too, to supplement his not-so-great donations after 20 years in Indonesia doing child evangelism using gospel magic, and continuing to take trips to remote islands there while his family is on their first whole-year furlough, instead of half-years, since his wife is not a citizen yet, while his daughter is getting above a 4.0 in her senior year in high school.  Lee graduated Faith in 1983 with his twin Lila, a nurse in Texas.

[Lenny דניאל Lenĉjo 罗林]
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