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Miriam (Rowland) Porter, '82

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I attended Faith Academy during my 3rd grade and 4th grade years. I was in boarding school in 3rd grade but I lived with my parents, Richard and Mary Ellen Rowland on the FEBC compound in Manila during my 4th grade year.

The years I attended were 1973-1975. My parents were missionaries with FEBC and when I finished school in 1975 we moved state-side.

I have so many great memories of Faith Academy that I'd like to share:

My teacher Miss Wuster was wonderful. She had a few of her students spend the night at her house and I'll never forget how special that was to me as a 3rd grader. She poured so much love and acceptance into me and my friends. When I think about her even now, I wish there was some way to say thank you for how she changed my life for the better.

I joined Pioneer Girls and had so much fun.

The songs I learned in Music class I still remember to this day. My kids love it when I sing them the songs I learned in Faith Academy.

I was born in the Philippines in Marbel, Cotobato and had white-blond hair growing up. I looked different from everyone and it made me feel weird. In Davao during my First Grade year I attended a public school. The teachers let their classes out one-by-one to look at me. But when I arrived at Faith, it was heaven to be around people that looked like me. Those two years helped prepare me to move state-side and balanced out my skewed view of who I was as person in a foreign country.

I remember seeing the play "Arsenic and Old Lace".

I remember the halloween haunted house and the ghost stories we were told.

My memories of FA are some of the best ones I have growing up.