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Paul and Barb (Winters) Siaki, both Class of '84

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Lausanne III was truly a foretaste of Heaven as I said; 4000+ people from 158 countries with one voice worshipping our God and King and giving Him the glory. Wow. I especially loved meeting my brothers and sisters who labor and share the Gospel under persecution and in secret. I know that I will likely never meet them again this side of eternity, and that our next worship time will be in Heaven...and I shall praise them as heroes...and possibly martyrs.

Now, they don’t do this in America, but here in SA, it’s not uncommon to greet someone by kissing them on the mouth—I had this brief moment of horror—but then realized he was simply greeting me with the traditional Maori greeting, the Hongi: pressing our noses together for just a moment. Whew! That might have been one of those really embarrassing stories I’d be telling....         This man praised my father for helping him decide to go into ministry/missions when he was young and searching. Moments like that were just fantastic!

People who knew my dad.... It was awesome to meet so many of them! People kept asking me if I was related to Ben Siaki and then proceed to tell me a wonderful story about my father. One man, a Maori from New Zealand, was so surprised to meet me that he grabbed me by the shoulders and move our faces towards each other!


The 2010 mini-furlough –

We leave for LA on December 1st and will be in California until January 16th. With two kids in high school now the school restrictions are tougher. So we can only be gone during the holiday breaks and we won’t have a break like this for another two years. So, I guess that partially explains why we’re coming so suddenly and also why it’s so short.

The other explanation for the furlough is that we need to raise money—plain and simple.

As it has been a tough year for you; so it has been for us. We finished 2009 in the red for the first time and have only had 50% of our needed funds raised for 2010 (and ongoing). That’s put us into some tough spots. And has created enormous pressure on our personal finances.

But, I say all this sensitively knowing that most of you are in the same situation—so we understand that there is pressure all around.

How will this furlough work for us? I honestly don’t know. It’s a terrible time for missionaries to visit churches and preach or share, and we’re having to limit ourselves to mostly Southern California. And am I seriously going to ask people to financially support us at a time when they’re spending more money than they normally would? It all seems a daft plan....J But God is a great God of surprises! So I’m not going to second-guess Him.