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Phil (class of '85) & Jacky Walker

posted Jun 21, 2015, 11:13 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Jun 21, 2015, 11:13 PM ]
Encourage 3 Indonesian Bible Students
Mon, Jun 1, 2015

Hi. A few years ago, some of my students who are writing Indonesian Scripture songs as a blessing to help Indonesians know and treasure God's Word tried their hand at writing English Scripture songs. As tactfully as I could, I discouraged them. "We already have hundreds of excellent Scripture songs in English much better than these you are writing. Please stay focused on the great need and privilege of writing Indonesian Scripture songs to spread through the country."

Recently, however, students who can barely speak English have written 3 simple English Scripture songs I love and that we are using. My wife worked hard to help the students with their pronunciation and joined in the singing so you can understand the words. I assume most, if not all of you are very busy but I wonder if anyone who likes one or more of these songs would consider learning the song and recording yourself or your family or a group of friends, students, etc. singing the songs. Then send the recording to this email or my Facebook or their Facebook pages.

These students and the entire Setia Bible school has had a very difficult year with several professors and students leaving the school in the midst of the challenges and uncertainty. I believe it could be a big encouragement for them to see people from around the world singing their songs. The songs are 
    PSALM 119:10 by Mona Gheyaa
    ISAIAH 35:10 by Diana Lontorin
    MATTHEW 3:2 by Erwin Zai

We praise God for this new development as it has given the students new excitement about singing English Scripture songs, something that can help them be not only a spiritual, but also a big educational blessing when they return to remote villages throughout Indonesia. Another spark in the students learning English is a new Scripture song writer we discovered who writes simple, catchy Scripture songs in nearby Australia. You can check out his songs or his Bibleversing page on Facebook.

Setia Update: I have to begin by apologizing for my lack of updates. It has been awkward to go from thinking I was ready to write regular updates about exciting action, to being confused about not much happening and wondering what's going on. In addition, 3 friends asked to see me after my last update and shared damaging errors in my email and advising me with the obvious, "Don't write about a conflict unless you have facts from both sides." The main errors were my writing the "old board" did this and that, when in reality there were 15 people on the old board including friends of Setia and others who were not involved at all with things I was accusing the old board of. Secondly, I had accused the old board of being behind the plan to try to imprison Setia's founder Matius Mangentang. My friends shared that an individual not associated with the old board had instigated the police investigation. I was humbled but thankful.

3 quick updates: 1) a judge ruled in favor of the school against 2 other parties regarding who has the right to oversee the selling of the campus. After months of bad news, bad reports, and challenges thrown at the school, this was a breath of fresh air and the cause of much rejoicing. 2) It looks like the school is finally making headway on a new website. (It is shocking that a school that has been this big for this long still doesn't have a website.) 3) Americans who lived in Indonesia 20 years ago and were instrumental in the rapid growth of the school are starting to take an interest in the school again. I pray that soon this conflict will be over, the website will be in place as a big help, and I can return to my task of letting the world know about God's work at STT SETIA as they "reach the unreached, love the unloved, and serve the unserved."

The Walkers (Phil, Jacky, Phil Jr. and newly walking Maria Sophia) - committed to and loving spreading a knowledge of and passion for the Bible throughout Indonesia and around the world

I would like to close with videos of 2 of my favorite people in the world.

1) How to knock down ALL the pins and get a strike with just one ball Maria Sophia style. (I love the "sneaky" left foot)

2) Phil Jr. singing the first Scripture song we put on Facebook in both English and Indonesian

In Christ, Phil

PS For any interested in memorizing Scripture, other Bible memory helps include my favorite website which features practical Bible memory help and an active forum for you to interact, encourage, and learn from a worldwide community of Bible lovers. A similar website which also offers apps for various devices is Fun Bible memory games for children can be found at A ministry featuring rewards for systematic Scripture memory and Scripture memory gatherings and camps is Our favorite 1984 NIV Scripture song websites are ,, In the King In the ESV In the NKJ and

I hope some of these are helpful to you in your pursuit to know and treasure God's Word. Please pass this information on to others you think would be interested. If you don't want to receive any other emails from me, let me know and I will take you off any future mailings.