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Tony & Heather (Kline) Book - 1989

posted Mar 23, 2015, 8:30 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Mar 23, 2015, 10:09 PM by Sites Admin ]

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the Word of Christ.” (Rom. 10:17)
It was amazing to watch 6th grade boys step into an unknown situation and confidently share the Gospel with younger Filipino kids using wordless book bracelets. This was the highlight of this year’s Outdoor Education. 

February here at Faith means it’s Outdoor Education (OE) time. This year, I served as a squad leader for twelve 6th grade boys (including Robert). Along with the rest of Faith’s MS, we loaded up and headed to the Subic Bay area for a week of fun, ministry, challenge, and growth. Our squad, the Awesome Peacock Pheasants, spent a day hiking and learning Jungle Education and Survival Training (JEST). It was exciting for us to learn how to use God’s creation to survive while in the jungle. We also spent a day at a beach playing games and learning about sea turtles; each of the boys then had the opportunity to release a newborn, baby turtle into the ocean.

Finally, we spent a day at base camp learning communication and teamwork skills through some low ropes course challenges. But the highlight of base camp was when our squad got to visit a local church where over 30 Filipino children awaited our arrival. We sang songs, listened to a Bible lesson, and shared the Gospel using word- less book bracelets. The grade 6 boys did a great job of interacting with these kids and praying with some of them to receive Christ.

During the OE Testimony Chapel, here’s what two students had to say about their OE experience: 

• “It was exciting to share the Gospel with our JEST guide using one of the extra wordless book bracelets. Kuya Panyoung prayed to receive Christ.”

• “I have been fighting God for a long time about becoming a missionary. But during OE, I was finally able to let go of the fight and commit to becoming a missionary.”

The missionary kids at Faith are a huge part of our present mission field. With over 500 students, we know that not all of them have a personal relationship with Jesus. Through weekly chapels and experiences like OE, students are not only hearing about Jesus’ love for them, but they are being equipped and challenged to become the next generation of missionaries.

We praise God for... Pray with us for...

• a good visit this past Christmas with my sister visiting from Thailand and Tony’s mom visiting from the States.

• for His leading Faith to a possible new School Information System.

• healing David and Heather from Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne illness similar to dengue fever.

• a great Outdoor Education week and the lives that were changed as a result.

• this very busy 3 months prior to our furlough. Pray we will close up this term without undue stress.

• some furlough needs: 3-4 bedroom house or apartment, a car for Tony to use, schooling for the boys, and support to discover.

• Timmy’s passport to arrive before the projected 5-6 weeks.

• a way for Pinky to be self-sustainable. We’re her main support for finances, friendship, etc.

We made it to the top! Here’s the gang on our recent 20 mile hike! 

Kids’ Korner

David is hardly a ‘kid’ anymore as he is 15½ and taller than his mom. We have seen so much growth in his life over this year. Last semester he was chosen as one of the two setters for the JV volleyball team, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He is heavily involved in Boy Scouts and just recently earned his Star rank. Currently, he is the senior patrol leader for the scout troop.

Robert is also very involved in Boy Scouts and while he is at the First Class rank, he is hoping to attain Star rank by mid-May. Robert is excelling in school this year with a little bit of organizational help from the learning center. He is really enjoying his band class where he shines in the percussion section. 

Timmy is 8 months old and is aching to walk on his own. He can sit up now by himself and though he has no desire to crawl at all, he loves holding onto anyone’s fingers and walking all over the house. It won’t be too long until he is motoring on his own power. He enjoys reading books and being outside so we do a lot of both. (Timmy was just worn out after his visit to the US Embassy!)