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Trevor & Roberta ('92) Maxwell

posted Feb 4, 2015, 9:18 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Feb 4, 2015, 9:18 PM by Sites Admin ]
February 2015
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Jungle Survival Skills

Urban or Tropical?  

This week Trevor, Monia, and Chloe are on Outdoor Education where the entire middle school spends four nights out of town at three locations:  a base camp, a beach, and a jungle.  Trevor is the featured spiritual speaker at the jungle location where students will cook rice in bamboo sections and, if they're brave, kill and eat a bat!  You know who will want to demonstrate that skill!  :)  

Refreshed and Re-sent!

Just before Christmas we traveled north with the Hagen family who trains and mobilizes national missionaries from rural churches.  A few days in the outdoors, away from our urban jungle, did us good!  
I really needed this vacation.  Right before we left for the mountains, I sent 
my Christmas newsletter using someone else's e-mail!  Can you believe it?  So if you replied to the last newsletter, I didn't get it! And even after begging forgiveness of the real owner, she didn't forward any of your messages to me.  Would you have?  ;)
Furthermore, my attempt to creatively grab your attention with the provocative subject line may have resulted in the message going to your spam account.  I hope this newsletter will meet with better success!  Please reply!  
The simplicity of the Hagen's rural, grass-roofed, bamboo-slat home was refreshing!  
Chloe takes an afternoon nap.  We all slept on a raised area of the floor and required sleeping bags when the mountain wind blew through the floor slats.  
Trevor gives a warm greeting to an armed man on the hiking trail.  The man's left earring (not in the picture) indicates he was once a head hunter!  Really!  The story of how the message of Jesus came to the tribesmen in this area is fascinating.  
This is our kind of vacation . . . OUTDOORS!  The cool air reminded us of Kenya . .  

The Hagen's ministry renews our purpose for why we're at Faith Academy. Educating the children of missionaries and Christian workers facilitates church growth in rural areas.  National Christians are trained and mobilized to reach other Filipino communities which revitalizes the local church in the process!  So cool!  

We wouldn't be here without your prayers and financial support!  THANK YOU!  

The Maxwells

P.S. Get your grill going this summer; we're coming over!  Details in the next newsletter!