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Andrew ('02) & Jacki Quinley

posted Feb 2, 2015, 6:05 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Feb 2, 2015, 6:05 PM by Sites Admin ]

The Q-nection: Beautiful Beginnings

Andrew, Jacki, August, & Reese Quinley <>

Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 10:20 PM

The time between Christmas and the end of January always seems to go by too fast, but we hope that this has been a season pregnant with joy and hope and that you are seeing beautiful things birthed from it.

At Mae Fah Luang, conversations, possibilities, and hearts are opening. Last week, I sat down with a Thai teacher to plan out our semester. It led to a conversation about his search for God and what he thinks about Christianity. Then I shared an elevator and a short conversation with the President of the University. Then I got a chance to catch up with the Vice President, who invited me to his house for dinner sometime.

This week, we began classes again. I am teaching a Mythology class, and it has alreadyopened up conversations with students about mankind's search for meaning in the world, the way that love is what brings us from darkness to light, and our tendency to craft gods in our own image. Already, the Lord is positioning us for those critical moments in people's lives where we will have the opportunity to invite them into his kingdom and his family.

As another praise report, you may remember the English Corner we began with a number of Chinese students last year. We partnered with another young missionary family and a local Chinese teacher in hopes that the practice of English would lead to conversations about faith. As that began happening, we felt comfortable leaving the Chinese students in the hands of the local church they had begun attending and that other young missionary family, who had just arrived in the country and decided to make the Chinese group the focus of their ministry here. Just this week, another of those students, Isabel, has decided to give her life to Christ. Isabel has always been the most influential member of the group, so her conversion carries so much weight for the other members of the group that haven't found Jesus yet. Furthermore, every semester new Chinese students come to Thailand as exchange students and join the group. We are believing that her story and her influence will make it that much easier for new Chinese students to put their faith in Jesus.

Thank you for being a faithful part of our team and a witness to all these beautiful beginnings with us. We look forward to sharing this year with you. We would also love to hear about your new beginnings, or the challenges you are facing right now. Please feel free to just hit "reply" to this message and send us a little line about something we can celebrate with you or pray with you about.

We Love You,

Andrew, Jacki, August, & Reese Quinley