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CALL to Prayer

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~ Becca Van Weerdhuizen, '99

Staff Needs for 2011, 2012
- Our superintendent and principals have called our school to a time of fasting and prayer this week. We are desperately short on staff for next school year. As I pray, I am reminded of the parable of the unjust judge and the importune widow that my pastor preached on yesterday (Luke 18:1-8). We cry out to God. We keep begging Him to fill these key areas. We drive Him crazy with our constant requests. Will you join us in prayer this week?

And if you know of someone who is interested in teaching some absolutely amazing kids, would you pass on this critical need to them? 
The following is a note we (present staffers) received from Tom Hardeman, our superintendent:
Good Evening or morning, depending on when you are reading this,

As you all know by now, the staffing situation for Middle School and High School next school year is critically low. We are still lacking several key teachers in core areas for both divisions. We want to call out to the Lord and ask Him to provide the needed staffing.  We also want to ask the Lord to prompt members of our current staff to consider branching out and extending themselves, being willing to be used in new and or perhaps more stretching ways next year trusting God to enable them. Many folks have already stepped forward, willing to do just that, and we want to pray that God will give them the extra strength and time to accomplish their added commitments.
We feel the situation warrants a call for unity in fasting and in prayer. For the next three days, Monday ~ Wednesday you are invited to join hearts and minds with other members of our community and pray about these needs, calling out to the Lord. For the most part this will be done on our own, between you and the Lord. There will be a few opportunities to join together with others in prayer:
• Monday morning during Staff devotions
• Tuesday morning during divisional devotions I would encourage people to focus on these needs
• Tuesday after school starting at 2:30 we will meet in the Elementary Library for a time of community prayer (I will invite parents and students to join us)
• Wed morning at staff devotions we will also pray together.

Regarding the fasting - this needs to be at whatever level you feel comfortable: full fast with no food / or maybe fasting from a meal or two a day / fasting from food, but drinking juice, etc. Decide what level you feel comfortable with and go for it...whatever time you choose not to eat - use to pray.
There is a core group already committed to doing this. If you feel drawn to join us in this way, please respond to this email and I will add your name to the list (we won't publicize the list). The thought behind this is we are usually more likely to actually do something if we commit to it....human nature :-).  It will also encourage us to know that you are joining us.

Let's take the Lord at His word and come boldly into His presence at the invitation of His Son, casting these burdens (staffing needs) at His feet and calling Him into action!
Tom Hardeman
Brian Foutz

Staff Needs List, Updated May 30, 2011

High School

Middle School

Bible Electives

Grade 6 Science

Modified Bible

Grade 8 Science

2nd Language English

Grade 8 Bible

Modified English

Grade 7 Bible

English Elective

Grade 6 Bible

AP Language


AP Literature

Grade 7 Girls’ PE

French II

Grade 8 Girls’ PE

Spanish I

Grade 7 Industrial Arts

Spanish II

Grade 8 Industrial Arts

Korean Language II


Learning Center


PE I Girls


PE II Girls


Algebra I


Home Economics

IGCSE Coordinator

Industrial Arts

Boarding Parents

AP World History

Study Hall Supervision

 Most of the following positions have someone who has submitted an application or have indicated they will.

Staff in process for FA Manila: 

·      HS/MS Bible and/or MS Chaplain

·      MS/HS PE

·      Boarding

·      Boarding

·      MS Science

·      HS Learning Centre

·      HS Social Studies

·      MS Industrial Arts

·      ELL

·      ELL or K Language Arts 1