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~ Deanna (Jenkins) Nichols, ‘89

It was my privilege to sit down to coffee with 79-year old, Tine Hardeman this past week.  I remember calling him Coach when I was a student in the 1980s.  Our cheer leading team traveled everywhere the Vanguard basketball team went and Coach Hardeman ran the program.  They still call him Coach today.  I have even heard him called, The Legend.

Coach Tine Hardeman was recognized with the prestigious Hall-of-Fame award from his alma mater, Westmont late last year.  In October, Tine and his wife, Jan were able to travel to the U.S. to attend the ceremony, accompanied by several of their family members.  Pictured right-to-left are Tine’s brother Harvey, Tine, Jan, their eldest son, T.J., T.J.'s daughter, Heidi (holding Tine's and Jan's youngest great-grandson, Logan). T.J. Hardeman was honored to introduce his dad who was being recognized for his basketball career and 53 years of sports ministry in the Philippines.


During my on-campus visit with Coach, he shared about his first trip to the Philippines in 1955.  “I had to miss my graduation to come out to Asia with Ventures for Victory.”  Yet, it seemed that was a good move, since it was a defining moment God used to eventually lead him back to the Philippines .  Over the course of his career, Tine has taught, coached basketball and led evangelistic sports teams all over the Philippines and Asia.  He remains zealous in sharing the good news of the Gospel with those he meets.  He is presently serving in the role of Sports Chaplain at Faith Academy while Jan continues to assist in the Health Office.

The Hardemans love living in the Philippines.  One of their greatest joys is having family living close.  "We are blessed to have sons, Tom and Todd and their families serving with us.  We have more family living in the Philippines than we have anywhere else."  ~ This is saying a lot!  Their immediate family is made up of four adult kids, thirteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren!  There are currently six Hardemans attending Faith as students this year!

Tine recently traveled to Southern California with son, Tom who is presently serving his fifth year as Superintendent at Faith Academy.  The two of them went to recruit teachers in colleges and universities.  They were able to touch down at Asuza, Biola, California Baptist, Westmont, Southern California Christian and Point Loma. 

I asked Coach what kinds of questions were asked at the colleges he visited.  "They wanted to know how they would get paid." Guess that's a reasonable question coming from college seniors wondering about the possibilities for their futures.  Since Faith's beginnings in 1957, all teachers have come as volunteer workers who raise their own funds.  If anyone is interested in serving at Faith, they need a mission agency and financial partners sending them out.  When I asked how he would respond to people asking that tough question, he replied, "It's a matter of stepping out in faith, letting God provide.  God is faithful, if you give Him a chance.  God is trustworthy.  Just give Him a chance." This testimony rings true in light of God's promises and the living proof of this Hall-of-Famer.