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MIKE and Treesa Hause

posted Jun 9, 2010, 9:31 PM by Jason Quick   [ updated Nov 2, 2011, 5:39 AM by Sites Admin ]
~ Heather Book, '89


Ps. 77:14: “You are the God of great WONDERS! You demonstrate your awesome power among the nations.” (NLT)

Every missionary has stories of how the Lord has worked great wonders in his life and remembers the miracles that have been accomplished. As powerful and as memorable as those faith-building memories are, they can’t hold a candle to the sheer span of wonders seen throughout the ministry of a long- term missionary. This is especially true of Mike and Treesa Hause, who have joyfully served the MKs at Faith Academy as well as the greater Filipino community for 25 years.

The WONDER of God’s call: Mike planned to teach with Wycliffe as a volunteer at Woodstock school in India. Around May he got a letter saying the position had closed and that a Faith Academy option had opened up. Don Boesel and Bob Pittman wrote Mike and sent him the old Ken Kiehlbauch slide show. That was all that was needed for Mike to make up his mind and begin raising his quota of 400 dollars of monthly support.

Mike arrived on August 23, 1982 and was picked up by an older, single missionary lady who reminded him of a “sweet” drill sergeant. She drove through Manila traffic, some- what recklessly, or so Mike thought back then, but arrived safely at the SIL guesthouse. Mike was greeted by the pungent aroma of the sampaguita and the frangiapanis, a fragrance that can still evoke fond memories today. There were no air-conditioning options back then and Mike remembers sleeping soundly on a plain foam bed to the sound of an oscillating fan and waking up to the music of the birds.   

Other fond memories are of the wonderful people he met: Dedicated single women in their 50’s who had worked for 20 years in translation and new couples excited about the prospects of beginning. Everyone was committed to their work and their stories reflected their joy even though some were of severe trials. Like gold refined in the fire, their sense of dedication helped influence Mike’s choice for long term service.

Mike first taught science in the high school in the corner room at the Poppinga second floor (Toby Lander’s old room) and after school he was also involved by coaching soccer, track and tennis. During the summers he either led a ministry team or flew back to the US for linguistics training to become a translator.

After three years at Faith he went back to the US in 1985 and taught with Treesa at their church school in Williamsburg, VA. She had just returned from a year of teaching in Bolivia. They married in ’86 and the Lord led them back to teach at Faith. One night while they were praying, they received 2 life-changing calls. One was from their Wycliffe education department and the other was from the Faith Superintendent Dennis Vogan. These seemingly unrelated phone calls were instrumental in leading them both back to Faith. God also spoke to them through two dreams in which the Lord clearly gave them direction about working with students and also with Asian children who needed to hear the Gospel.

Flexibility, the WONDER tool of missions: Mike and Treesa arrived at Faith in 1988 and taught in the Middle School under principals Steve Abelman and Dave Venable. Mike taught science, Bible and computer for 11 years. He enjoyed working at Outdoor Ed and getting middle school kids into ministry during school through VBS programs and during the summer. They took their first furlough in 1992 after five years and then chose to stay in Manila where Mike began seminary. They furloughed in 1995 so Mike could complete that work. He received his masters in 1998 and in 1999 was asked to be the Middle School principal. For 9 years he enjoyed this position and worked with a great staff and what he terms “the coolest kids in the world”. With some crazy teachers like Sam Kuka, Steve St. Clair, Rhonda Brown and Carol Tappan things often got interesting. In 2008 Mike stepped into the Deputy Superintendent position where he has remained to this day.

The WONDER of cultural variety: The Hause’s have really loved living here in the Philippines. When Mike first came he just couldn’t comprehend that so many people could all fit into one place. Having come from small town USA he was shocked at first by the sheer amount of people on the streets, in jeeps, and in malls- all busily going somewhere or doing something. He had few words to say during his first six months just trying to take it all in. Now when their family returns from a furlough they actually enjoy the ambiance of the city and especially the friendliness of the Filipino people.

Culture can lead to embarrassing moments or even teeth-gritting emotions. One such time Mike was given a birthday present in the form of a massage. The masseuse was blind and new at his job but had been trained by a mission so he would have a living. The man was brutal. Mike did not know whether he was trying to reduce his life or give a massage but he felt like every joint in his back was dislocated. He finally had to ask the guy to stop when he began to place his knee right about Mike’s mid-thoracic vertebrae and make cracking sounds. Instead of feeling blessed, Mike felt traumatized and even more so when he realized the man was still expecting a tip for his work. Mike had to swallow his pride enough to pay the man despite feeling abused and injured.

The WONDER of being in ministry: Despite their busy schedules at Faith, Mike and Treesa were always eager to get involved in ministry and looked to find any way to include their kids. One way of accomplishing this vision was to lead Timothy Teams (ministry groups of high school students) their first few summers. In 1994, a Canadian pastor, Frank Amantea, invited them to start a church outside Brookside. Mike was asked to lead the worship and train worship leaders and so with a strong vision and willing hearts, a new church was planted on Ortigas Blvd., rent free, in a place that used to be a bar.

About five years after its inception, the church planned a special Christmas meal for street kids. Unbelievably, 500 kids show up at the church and devoured the cold spaghetti, lechon and bread. The church members did not think it was much but when some kids said it was the best meal they ever had, it got them thinking and dreaming of the possibility of an outreach to street kids. From that, a weekly Bible club started which, to date, has up to 400 kids each week. In addition to receiving the Word, they all receive a hot lunch. This was an incredibly awesome fulfillment of the dream the Lord gave Treesa 10 years earlier about feeding hungry children.

Since that initial meal, the church has developed a solid youth program and ministry to the poor. Mike continued to lead worship and work on some of those Saturday programs. By 2003 he had handed off most of his responsibilities to the young men in the church who have now taken the reins. It is an amazing wonder how such a small seed of faith planted can grow so big. Treesa still works with the church directly in their feeding pro- grams and Bible studies each week.

Having their children be involved in ministry is very gratifying to Mike and Treesa. All of their kids were born in Manila in a tiny hospital on Ortigas, which has since been torn down and made into a Yellow Cab pizza place. Their oldest daughter, Alyssa just turned 20 and is a sophomore at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. Kendra is a senior at FA and Drew is in 7th grade. Growing up in the Philippines has given both of their daughters a real heart for ministry and for hurting people – especially orphans. Both girls worked with A4J (All for Jesus) at Faith and were involved with out- reaches through their church. Alyssa would eventually like to become a counselor. She just got back from a trip to Honduras – her second trip overseas to work in an orphanage. Kendra also loves ministering to children and wants to go work with orphans in Mozambique after she graduates.

The WONDER-full blessings of serving at Faith: Mike and Treesa can recount so many blessings that have come from their ministry at Faith and in the Filipino community. They have seen their children prosper both educationally and in their relationship with God. These two aspects coupled have given them a real vision for missions. Mike recalls the blessings of being with the middle school kids on Outdoor Ed nights and seeing the living proof of God coming right down to the group and ministering to the kids-breaking hearts and dealing in lives. Those were great moments and so meaningful to Mike. They also felt blessed on be on the 8th grade retreats and worship with the kids who were so in love with Jesus and sang their hearts out to Him.

Mike senses that so much good is happening at Faith and in Manila and that in itself is a big blessing. Faith is an environment where people think about how they can be good to others in creative ways and how they can dedicate their lives to it. It’s a place where people want to know what God is doing and want to get on board with it however they can. Perhaps the challenge of life here is that 25 years is too short to do everything God places in your heart to do, not a bad blessing when you think about it.

God’s WONDER displayed among the Filipinos: A verse that has kept the Hauses per- severing in their God-given ministries is Romans 5:6: “You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.” This has been their motivation in working with both MKs at Faith and in their church’s outreach to street children. Christ died for everyone and they are full of the desire to see the power of God displayed in bringing both MKs and poor Filipinos to Him.
Mike gives some advice to anyone who is considering long term service, either at Faith or in missions in general: “I’d say there’s a cost involved but what you gain in return far out- weighs what you think you might lose. Faith Academy students are awesome and it has been a wonderful life working with students and seeing God touch their lives and lead many MK’s,like my wife, back to the mission field. I would say to anyone who loves stu- dents and likes teaching to come join us at FA. It’s a great school and there are so many ways to minister not only to students but also to Filipinos who are so open to the Gospel. God is moving in Asia and it is exciting to be a part of it.”