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Summer Job Opportunity for FA Alumni

posted Feb 3, 2013, 3:43 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Feb 3, 2013, 3:43 PM by Sites Admin ]
My name is Phil Varberg. I attended Faith from 2002 to 2007 during which you might have seen my art in the office window or come and cheered for me during a volleyball or basketball game though. I was always either hanging out
on my hall, in the art room with Mr French, or in the gym practicing with Mr. Schutt, Mrs. Arfsten, or Mr. Landers. I was also a dormie and I spent time in every on-campus dorm under the Bookers, the O'Keefes, the DeHarts, the Procters, and the Courtrights.

The purpose of this post is I'd like to share what I have done in my summers at college called Southwestern Advantage. For generations dating all the way back past my dad's days at Faith in the 70s, Faith Academy graduates have participated in the Southwestern Advantage's summer program and done very well. Faith kids tend to have an advantage coming in because of our MK backgrounds.The Southwestern Advantage summer program is a sales and leadership internship where you get to travel to a different state over the summer, stay with host families (so MK), work with your friends, and run your own business. I know this sounds crazy, but the average student makes over $7,600 in the first summer to pay for school. Though a lot of MKs get into this in order to pay for school, most stay with it because of the growth they experience from the challenge. The Southwestern Advantage is a program centered around character development and so you learn a TON over the summer from your coaches, from your friends, and ultimately from overcoming challenges. If you want to check out their website, it's

Here are some testimonials from Faith alumni:

"Completing the summer experience of Southwestern Advantage is one of the defining moments of my adult life, and I do not say that lightly. God used this job to teach me what real dependence on Him means, and how to trust Him in the midst of difficulty. Because of the things I learned through the summer I am able to confidently go towards goals in life that are lofty, and seemingly unattainable, but able to be reached through true grit and determination." - David MacKay (Class of 2011)

"The Southwestern Internship equipped me to help me overcome myself in my passivity and fear of man. Because of the habits that I learned and the work ethic that was instilled in me, I have been able to set myself apart from those around me who wait until they feel like doing something instead of acting on what they should do." - Brian Behnken (Class of 2010)

"I gained the confidence to face and overcome one of my greatest fears in life, which was initiating conversations with complete strangers. I gained the skills to quickly connect with people from varying socioeconomic backgrounds and effectively communicate ideas with them. Finally, I gained a clear understanding of what life and careers after college look like so I am no longer intimidated by "the real world." - Peter Varberg  (Class of 2009)

"[Southwestern Advantage] taught me the normal work day is too short. There is plenty of time in the day to be and stay productive." - Jonathan Ma  (Class of 2007)

"...I truly appreciated the experience I gained selling books in the Southwestern Advantage program. That is, the experience of learning to understand and identify a myriad of human behavior. A skill set, without a doubt, that has been paramount to my post collegiate life." - Nathaniel Ma  (Class of 2008)

"I sold a total of five summers- the first of which was right after graduating from Faith. The main reason I kept coming back was for the unparalleled financial opportunity. It was great graduating from Wheaton debt free while going on some killer vacations and having extra spending money while at school. The opportunity has only improved!" - Daniel Wiebracht  (Class of 2002)

"Southwestern Advantage gave me an arena to prove my work ethic. Through interacting with thousands of families, I gained the confidence that I can relate to people from a variety of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Whereas college provided me esoteric knowledge, Southwestern Advantage taught me practical skills I use to this day." - Nate Wiebracht  (Class of 1999)

As for me, I feel there is no better thing I can do with my summer. I want to spend my life serving people, probably on the mission field, and I don't only get to do that all summer but the hardships, community, and mentoring form me into the kind of person who can multiply his talents ten-fold for his work. There is no greater challenge for a college student during the summer than to complete the Southwestern Advantage program and in doing so shall receive no greater reward. I have done this for 6 summers now and have not only been a top producer myself, I've trained and let top producers on my team. I'm putting together a team of Faith Academy kids to work together this summer.

If you are interested or want more info, contact me at (619) 866-9806 or email me at

Look forward to hearing back from you.
Phil Varberg
Southwestern Student Manager
Cell: (619) 866-9806

"Realistic goals are for people with realistic work habits. Big goals are for people with big work habits."