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Ken & Joyce Prettol

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Sylvia Lambert

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Tony & Heather Book

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Kim Abels

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Evangeline Tam

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Vince & Lori Burke

posted Jul 9, 2015, 4:37 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Jul 9, 2015, 4:38 PM ]

Dear Friends
JULY 2105

This is my brother’s favorite, most frequently used text greeting. I think it means, “”How you doin?” It may also signify, “Give me a call when you get a chance.” It probably also asks, “What’s up?” In other words, let’s have human interaction at some point. So, “Yo!” How you doin? What’s up? Let me send some human interaction your way along these lines.  Granted, it may be one-sided for the most part, because we missionaries are responsible to let you know what is going on…and you don’t need to reply unless you feel so inclined. Whether you incline or decline…here is “what’s up and how we doin” as of late.
I will attach a fairly detailed report, similar to the one I just sent to one of our supporting churches… so please read that if you get a chance….PASTED AT THE END OF THIS NOTE AND ATTACHED ON THE EMAIL.

Let me just share a few additional things now:
·  *I arrived back from Manila May 13, got sick as a dog with jet-lag, so I decided not to go see my ailing father, (Vince Sr.), in Chicago until I recovered a bit. I went to Chicago about a week later and have been caring for my dad since. He is in hospice type care at home…it’s tough to see him decline.
·  *My sister, (Joyce), was helping with my dad until she had some problems and went to the doctor. We found out she has 100% blockage in her heart, (pardon the lack of technical jargon), which prompted her body to grow a new artery. Amazing. Nevertheless, she is not well, and there is not much they can do about it except give her medication. This on top of her COPD has her in a tough situation.
·  *My father-in-law, Bob Bingham fell and hit his head hard while traversing the basement stairs. He had been in and out of ICU with heart problems. He just recently went to the hospital again, and so far, the news is not so good.
·  *There are other things going on in our crazy lives, but in light of the difficulties of our loved ones now, they can wait for another letter.

In a recent letter, I shared current events in our family. We were having difficulties to be sure, but not unlike what many of you have recently gone through or are now experiencing. One friend just lost his job of many years. A pastor friend from one of our supporting churches has been living in a temporary place until his home is repaired from the tree that wiped it out. Another friend just lost his mother. I read I Peter 5:9 in this light:

"But resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world."
We all go through it, and it is helpful in a way, to know that we aren’t alone. Certainly the Lord is there to walk with us through it and friends are there to pray, empathize and encourage. Thank you for all of the above.

So thanks for your prayers for us: for wisdom, strength, guidance and provision. Please take a look at the report attached and let’s all “hang in there!”


Vince and Lori Burke

JUNE 12, 2015
VINCE AND LORI BURKE     720-217-2814
Progress of Ministry:
·  *We are still trusting God to meet our support quota with Kids International Ministries, (KIM), even though we are beyond our deadline. Please pray for the remainder of the $15,000 to come in soon.
·   My book, The ABC’s of Jesus Resurrection is edited. The illustrator is moving forward nicely. We are anticipating the release of the book in Manila through Overseas Missionary Fellowship Publishing Philippines by September 2015.
· *June 19 I went to Seattle to perform the wedding of Kyle Long to Carina. Kyle is the second son of Jeff Long, friend and director of our new mission KIM. It was a fun wedding in every way.
· *I spoke at the Korean Presbyterian Church of Denver on June 28. Topic: Missions. Good time. Great people.  
·  Since my last quarterly report, I was able to have these opportunities in Manila:  

- *March 20-22, 2015; I was able to speak to 300 singles in Cagayan De Oro City, (CDO for short). Many were first time attendees. I spoke in three services on Sunday at Christ Commission Fellowship, (CCF), CDO
- *March 26, 2015; I was privileged to speak at The Master’s Academy graduation in Alabang. What a treat to be a part of this event. They even sang a song at the end, the school song, they said I wrote a few years ago. I faintly remember it haha.
- *March 28-3, 2015;  My nervousness was unnecessary as I prepared to speak to The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) Philippines group of missionaries. What a joy and privilege to share with them and try to encourage some delightful people and old friends at their annual conference. I spoke four times. We laughed together the whole retreat…fun.
- *April 5, 2015; I spoke to 500 youth at CCF Elevate. Later that night I shared God’s word with a group at Grace Gospel Church, (a Chinese fellowship I have been working with for a long 
- *April 12, 2015; I spoke two services at CCF 
- *April 13-16, 2015; I was happy to join the CCF pastors for a retreat. I really enjoyed the fellowship, times in the word, and fun with men and women we have worked with for the past 20 years.
*April 19, 2015; I spoke at a new church plant, CCF Las Pinas for two services.
- *April 24, 2015; I spoke to KIM’s “Josie’s Angels.” These are the 40 young girls that have been rescued from abuse, the sex trade and other sad situations and live in our KIM girl’s home. 
*April 25-27, 2015; I was able to travel 10 hours north of Manila to CCF Isabella. I spoke on spiritual warfare on Saturday. On Sunday, I spoke and incorporated a song, from a poem I had written. The song leader in this church had heard me quote my poem on the internet years ago. It ministered to him in a very difficult time. He put it to music and sang it as part of my sermon. 
*May 3, 2015; I spoke four services at CCF Alabang. 
*May 6-9; I really enjoyed speaking to 300 youth for the Grace Christian Church at their summer camp. I spoke four times on the topic of obeying God.
*May 9-10, 2015; I spoke four services at Grace Christian Church Manila.
*My last night in Manila I met with the first three people going to Xian, China. It’s happening! A delightful young couple will go and engage in English training. An experienced lady will be staying for 2 years. We are very excited to see this come to fruition. 
*May 13, 2015; I flew to Denver, then Chicago to minister to my Dad, which is where I am at present.
Personal Well-being:
1. Our housing situation has gone in some ways from bad to worse. We had severe flooding in our basement a few weeks ago. I am in Chicago caring for my ailing Dad. Lori and my two daughters are dealing with the disasters on the home front. Lori sank in a sinkhole in our driveway with her vehicle, barely making it out. Lori, the trooper that she is, was able to work with the landlord and get things under control.
2. My sister was diagnosed with serious heart problems, my Dad is in hospice, it is only a matter of time, and my brother has had panic attacks since he lost his wife January 2015. Bob Bingham, my father in law has had a series of problems; a fall, hit on the head, heart issues all of which have left him in a tenuous state, he really needs our prayers. All of these things have made me a bit numb, though I am constantly casting all our cares upon the Lord. Lori is hanging in there as well.
Prayer Requests: Please pray about all the things listed in our Progress of Ministry and Personal Well-Being section
1. Please pray about our on-going transition to KIM. We still need to meet this quota of $15,000 as soon as we can, please pray.
2. I pray every day for our four children. Kelly age 30, Tami age 28, Vince III age 24 and Julie age 22. I pray for God’s will to be their MISSION in life. I pray for God to find the best MATE for them. I pray for God to be the MASTER of their lives. I call it the 3M’s. Please pray with me for this as well. I also pray for God to supernaturally work in their lives.
3. Pray for my brother Jim Burke, upon the loss of his wife, Rhonda. Pray for Jon and Kristi, his children. He is having panic attacks that are unnerving.
4. Pray for my dad, Vince Burke senior. He is 84 and just entered a hospice care situation. I am currently caring for him as best as I can.  He will not be around much longer. Pray for a solid profession of faith on his part. Pray for wisdom and guidance and strength in all this.
5. Pray for my potential trip to Manila sometime after August…all contingent of course, on how current crises end up.
6. Pray for some last bits of work needed and for the release of my book The ABC’s of Jesus Resurrection in September of this year.
7. Pray for Lori to find time and energy to take the flour sack ministry to the next level.
8. Pray for the MRI that Lori just had to show possible solutions to her ongoing back and neck pain.
We thank you so much for all of your prayers and gifts and love.
In His Grace, Vince and Lori Burke
Vince and Lori Burke
4441 S. Pennsylvania St. Englewood, CO. 80113
PHONE: 720-217-2814 (Vince); 847-208-4446 (Lori)

(Donations for the Burkes can be sent to this address)
P.O. BOX 1369,

Peter & Lynette Hester

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Jeff & Colene Long

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Jason & Sarah Quick

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Jason & Sarah Quick

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