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Chuck and Jackie Rhind

posted Jun 12, 2010, 1:33 PM by Jason Quick   [ updated Jun 12, 2010, 1:33 PM by Sites Admin ]
Chuck and Jackie Rhind (Staff 1992-1993 and 1997-1998) “My wife and I have many fond memories of our time serving at Faith Academy in the Guidance Counseling Department. Living and serving among you was a highlight of our lives! After we returned to our small village of Chatham in upstate NY and moved back into our home, we reconnected with our three married children who live in Michigan, New York, and Vermont and the grandchildren (five at the time). We served on the missions committee of our church and represented Wycliffe and Faith Academy at a couple of ASCI conferences.

In checking out the Faith Academy booth at the ACSI conference in Sturbridge, MA, I met the head of RFIS (Rain Forest International School) in Cameroon who recruited me to come help in their high school guidance office for the fall of 1999. We went, even though our younger daughter was due to deliver her fourth child eight days after school started! That was HARD on my wife. What a delight to have a daughter who was willing to sacrifice so that we could be in Africa by the first day of school. (You know what a hub of activity the guidance department is that first week of school!) Our kids have been great that way. Twice before, we’d had to deal with that. Our eldest daughter’s pregnancy with baby #2 was kept from us until the decision was made to go to FA in ’92, and younger daughter’s baby #2 arrived one month after we returned home in Dec.’93.

Upon our return home from Cameroon (in December 1999) we were invited to be part of a ‘steering committee’ to research plant- ing a church in our home community. We incorporated in December 2001 and had our first services January 2002. We have enjoyed serving the LORD from our lovely facility in Kinderhook, NY, between Hudson and Albany, NY. The church building was once a feed store (YEARS ago), and most recently a cultural arts center. Those of us at Cornerstone Fellowship Church would welcome any who may wish to visit.

Family: Lots of new babies (the grandchildren now total 13). The little ones are growing up and the eldest two are college freshmen this year. In the interim, Jackie studied for and received certification in biblical counseling in 2000 through NANC (National Association of Nouthetic Counselors). I had open heart surgery in 2005 – a new valve and a pacemaker - and I’m a new man; we were even able to travel to Ireland to see Ruth Platt that fall. Faith’s 50th Anniversary celebration in New Jersey was great, recon- necting with Phil and Mary Parsons, Hope White, John Kim and others. A diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer in Dec. 2007 (I chose a clinical trial with hormone therapy, radiation, and chemo combo) slowed me down a bit but am now doing fine. Enjoyed my 50th college reunion in June 2008. We’re thinking of retiring, but still enjoy work in our garden, church administration, missions advisory team (and etc.), co-counseling, visits to the grandchildren, and of course news from friends far and near. We live in the cross-hairs of NYC - Montreal and Buffalo-Boston, so welcome any who would wish to come see us.”