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Dottie St Clair

posted May 14, 2015, 8:09 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated May 14, 2015, 8:09 PM ]
The youth from BFD did an amazing job leading the children that came for the Daily Vacation Bible School held first at BFD, then at Cabantian, then at Baliok. Three busy days at each location.

Churches in the USA are struggling with moral issues. So are we. but in very good ways. One of our youth wanted to know if they had lived in immorality in the past but had maintained purity with their now husband-to-be could they be married in the sanctuary of the church. A church wedding is highly valued here because God still matters. Bible Fellowship Davao youth are using mature, careful thinking to sort what are man’s traditions versus God’s commands and are doing a good job of asking the right questions. Their conclusion to the above scenario was that God says marriage. He doesn’t say where :-} But … that there is something good about holding the standard high and blessing purity in a visible way.

We had a team from St Louis in March taking lots ad lots of pictures and 3 fantastic DVBS’s and week-long Family camp in April. My job as “go-for” was especially blessed by God’s intervention umpteen times. I needed tambourines from the church. As I left camp, I checked my pocket to be sure I had the church sanctuary key. I didn’t find it so went back and borrowed a full set from the pastor. When I got to the church, the one holding the outer door keys was gone but I had a full set so got in. That night, as I emptied my pocket, I found the sanctuary key. God had allowed me not to find so I would get a full set. I wasn’t losing my memory; I was being cared for by God.

On the way to the bus station I got stopped for speeding. The police returned my license with a “next time” and on I went. But to return to the church I would pass them again so feeling shy, I went home instead. Arriving home, I found one of the girls had overslept. Because I was home so early, she could dress and still be at work on time. What if the police hadn’t stopped me!

The thought came to call someone. They reminded me of a responsibility I had totally forgotten.

I was doing computer at midnight, ready to get to bed when God brought to mind I needed to have 5 thermoses of hot chocolate ready for 5 am. I went to the kitchen to look for the chocolate and Rose, our cook, was still up washing her clothes. Together, the job was easy.

A broken car and a miscommunication left one group stranded at camp. Our friend called and said, “Your car is fixed, do you need me to pick anyone up.” Do I??

A couple was totally overwhelmed with discouragement about their living situation. Another couple shared they have an unused lot. I asked them if they were willing to let this family stay on it. They offered it rent-free for 10 years. We start digging the septic tank tomorrow.

In Feb, I wrote about pastors not getting time away. This May, Gilbert is having a one month sabbatical. Another church is looking to do the same.

The overhead projector broke during Sunday morning service. The transparencies were quickly typed into power point. Since then we have used only power point. Daniel, the guy from St Louis who came out short term and has stayed, has made a huge difference.

God gave us a great plan for Steve’s birthday. We announced a party at the beach for1:30pm to 5:30pm. People came on their own. We were around 100 and sooo relaxed. It was another step in our people seeing themselves as capable of doing things well without our intervention.

Nanerta, the one-eyed lady in the fellowship, broke her hip and is in the hospital. One of the homeless men has cared for her each day for three weeks now. During camp he went to market at 2 am, fed and cared for Nanerta until 10 am, cooked the rice for camp, and slept at the church at night. No salary. Done from the heart.