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Ken & Joyce Prettol

posted Jun 22, 2015, 6:39 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Jun 22, 2015, 6:40 PM ]

P  R  E  T  T  O  L      P  A  R  T  N  E  R     L  E  T T  E  R

June, 2015

Dallas, Texas

Marketing and distributing translated Scripture has always been a challenge.  The work that it takes to translate a book is huge but then there’s the typesetting, the proof reading, the printing, the transportation and deciding--do we give it away, or sell it so that people value it.  Then there’s the storage of books not yet distributed and the protection of books from rain, rodents and neglect, that needs to be addressed.  Suddenly all this has changed as electronic storage and transmission of the Bible in many languages is now possible.  Check out to see just one site where you can find hundreds of Bibles in “printed” and audio form that are free to read or hear.

Let me share just one example.  One of our co-workers that we supervise, serves in a group with an old writing system—a system for writing ‘holy books’ and then another new one used for common everyday language.  Since he wanted the Scriptures to be read and understood by everyone (only ‘priests’ can read the holy language) he has been translating using the common system.  But strong opposition broke out against using it and the “other religious leaders” warned if he printed the Scriptures there would be ‘blood shed’.  Now with the advent of digital (and audio) distribution it has become a non-issue because anyone can download the app and get the Scriptures in their language, if they want it, and they can read or listen to it on their own phones.  Join us in thanks to God for technology that allows God’s Word to be distributed in ways we never imagined a few years back!

Thank you for your faithful gifts and prayers for us as we continue to serve the work in South Asia—virtually as well.  We are blessed by your support and encouragement as we step up to the changing world and embrace the challenges in serving the work of Bible translation. 

In His service,

Ken and Joyce

1501 Tuley St, Cedar Hill, TX 75104

 Prayer Requests

·         Pray for the many groups that are now gaining access to Scripture virtually.  Pray that it will help them to grow in their faith as they have access to God’s Word in a language they understand.

·         While technology is a real blessing it can also provide real challenges—pray for our colleagues as they deal with technology when things don’t always work right.

·         June 20-July 7 we will be making a ‘family memory’ trip to Bolivia together with Jennifer and her family.  Bolivia is where we began 43 years ago and it’s been 30 years since we were there.  We are really looking forward to it.  Pray that we’ll be able to make all the connections and have a safe trip.

·         Keep our son, Toby and his wife, Kristin in your prayers as they are moving to Melbourne, FL this summer.  Lots of decisions ahead of them.

·         Our son, Luke just started on a drug trial for FA.  Pray that the medicine will help and that as he travels to and from Florida, where the drug trial is located, that he have safety in 

Praise Items

·         We sponsored a wonderful Neighborhood Block this past weekend.  More than 100 attended.  Pray that the contacts we made will provide more opportunities to ‘love our neighbors’.

·         This past week we went down to Houston to visit Luke’s family.  What fun to spend time with the grandkids.

·         One of our colleagues here in Dallas who is suffering from Lyme’s disease, needed to move out of the house they were living in as it had mold which was impacting his treatments.  We were glad to be able to help with that move and see them settled in a much better situation.

Answers to Prayer: We asked you to pray and God answered

·         Thank you for praying for Jay and the conflict resolution situation.  It was very helpful to have the mediation to clarify things but keep praying for final resolution.

·         Keep praying for the ‘pilot translation projects’ that are ongoing in South Asia, that we mentioned last month.  It seems that there are some differing opinions.  Pray that God will give wisdom to those in charge.

·         Continue to pray for our colleagues who are re-applying for visas.  They are trying other options.  

·         Kathy (our director’s wife) has now completed rounds of chemo and thankfully the side effects have not been as serious lately. However, the family they are staying with in South Carolina has just gone through the crisis of losing the husband to throat cancer—a sad reminder that life is fragile.