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Former Staff, Alex Froelich

posted Mar 22, 2015, 9:52 PM by Faith Academy Alumni Coordinator   [ updated Mar 23, 2015, 12:05 AM by Sites Admin ]

FROELICH, ALEX                                               March 15th, 2015

FROELICH, Alex Ludwig, 78.

On the eve of April 3, 1936, my mother started into labor while millions of Americans were glued to their radio sets. My parents, immigrants from Germany, had decided on a name for their first child, if it were a girl, Alexis (after a well-known movie actress,) and Bruno if it were a boy. The kidnapper of Charles Lindbergh's young son was tried, convicted and now millions of Americans were listening to the countdown of the execution of Bruno Hauptmann. At 9:59 the next morning, I was born in Jersey City. They named me Alex. I grew up in East Orange, N.J., later spent two years at the University of Richmond, in Virginia, and then graduated from Nyack Missionary College in N.Y. Although religious in upbringing,

I never understood the depth of God's love and the significance of Christ's death for me 'til coming under the hearing of the Gospel in my college days. What a change occurred as I experienced the truth of a man in Christ being a "new creation." The darkness of my sin was overcome as light flooded my soul and life took on new meaning. Through the ministry of IVCF, I also became aware of a desperate world's need for the Lord, especially those who had never heard of His love. I responded to the call of the foreign mission field and prepared to go. While at Nyack I met Carol and we were married on October 22, 1960. We left for Palau in the Pacific Islands on Dececember 1 and stayed there six years. Through the years we sailed in small boats on rough seas, trudged through tidal flats and on slippery jungle trails, established an accredited high school and counseled and helped American missionary kids negotiate their teen years at Faith Academy in the Philippines.

After 25 years we then served in various ministries in Virginia. Amy, Kurt, Eric and Annie were gifts given to us by God. Each one has had a special significance to us, with delightful, unique personalities and also with a common love and compassion for people and a deep love and commitment to the Lord. They have inspired and energized us with their godly insights and examples. Together with mates Tad Blackburn, Gwyneth, Kristin and Dave Abernethy, they have faced tremendous challenges in life and have come out victorious in Jesus. Many of our 13 grandchildren, ranging from the ages of 15 and 32, are highly motivated and intent on making an impact on a world in dire need of love and the Gospel. Carol has been that particular bright and strong human influence that has brought such joy to us all. During times of physical and spiritual danger she remained steadfast, often a sense of humor making the difference - just the kind of companion one with a temperament like mine needed! Her desire to share was something to behold - Winsome Warrior! Through the years my brother, Lou and his family in Connecticut, have been loyal and supportive, even though our lives have been separated by such distances. We both have happy memories of our early years and the wonderful parents who provided so well for us. The Scripture says that "the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it." In the ministries of my life, I admit to times of fear and difficult challenges, but never doubt. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit always reminded me of the ultimate bright outcome of the details and destiny of the Christian life. The influence and examples of colleagues in service and believers in my church were crucial to my ongoing spiritual growth. Light always ensued as God's purposes were unfurled and encouraged me to greater trust for whatever lay ahead.

I departed from my earthly life on March 12, 2015. I now reside in that kingdom of light that we have all heard so much about and yearned for. Be assured that what we have read about this realm doesn't adequately express the Reality. The Godhead, innumerable angels and the ransomed family of God immediately welcomed me to the fold. Long-lost friends are here. All is joy, praise and adoration of the Lord Jesus Christ. And He reminds you all that He has prepared a special place for you! When you trust and commit to Him as your Savior and Lord, His light will shine into your soul, scatter your darkness and give you an assurance of spending eternal life with Him in this unspeakably glorious and eternal heavenly home.